The Princess/Vampire Diary♥

Tuesday, December 07, 2010
December 7

Dear Diary,

I'm all good with A already and apparently this guy D and R keep texting me and asking me out. Only God knows how persistent those two were even though they could have read from my text that I'm NOT interested in any way to go out with them. Siansation.

When I was expecting you to text me, it happened to be somebody else and when I was expecting you of all people, it was always somebody else. Argh!

I have no idea what else to blog in here since it's private and nobody else is going to read besides PLP, Hana & my sis that can gain access into here. Yes! you three special people. And lately my sis has this syndrome of losing temper like always when her exams is around or even sometimes when her exams is not around, which I totally HATE it to the core. Lose it all will ya? Even if you're stress or whatever, don't have to vent it out to somebody else because I'm back from work tired too and having you being all so cranky doesn't help me one bit.

And girlfriends, do meet up! Manda is already back from Taiwan. Now did Manda buy for me any dress? (Thought to myself. Haha!)

Oh, can't wait to go work tomorrow because Charlotte is backkkkk from Phillipines! Now, we could all play play around in the lab. HA! Kidding. =P Miss that girl so much. Till here.

Princessazie Bella<3.
Elena Gilbert(:

Yours princess; 09:21 pm

Sunday, December 05, 2010
I don't know

Dear Diary,

1446 hours

A is getting sick of me for my doubtness and insecurity over him. Oh yes, I'm fine all over again with him but that does not put me into a risk that I had to cry my eyeballs out in order for us to be OK again. This sucks.

I don't know who to blame. He started calling me names initially and until now he doesn't realised that everything that happens & start because of him. He didn't apologize, I did. Super sucks again. I just don't want to lose him.

I don't know, it's not that I don't want to lose him. I'm fine but I just need LOVE to go on. I don't know what's wrong with me and all I need is just love and to be loved. Because it sucks to move on with life with friends having their other half, with cousins have their other half and siblings with their other half and me with NOTHING and NO ONE to share my pain & joy.

I always tell myself that I'll be strong and I will. I know I will, blarh.


I really feel like going out on a Sunday but with who to where? No freaking idea. Contact lens, please hurry up expired. I want to get a NEW one, the old one seems to always give me red itchy dry eyes.

And is it so weird to be wearing contact lens even when you don't have any degree? Because people find me weird, but I love it. Till here.

Princessazie Bella<3.
Elena Gilbert(:

Yours princess; 02:46 pm